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The Founders and Heritage House in Sderot tells the history of the town, under the title of “the Creativity of Sderot.” The town was transformed into an exceptional habitat that bred entrepreneurs, artists, and original thinkers, who took their inspiration from the town and its characters. The Founders and Heritage House presents a rich variety of initiatives in different fields that were conceived, born, and realized in Sderot.
Sderot Founders and Heritage House tells of Sderot’s artists, the place in which they flourished, and the places to which they aspired. The concept of a “work” does not relate, in a broader sense, to artworks alone, but to achievements that integrate an impressive range of ventures and cultural, social, and community projects.

Designer: Gal Shinehorn
Curator: Orit Engelberg Baram
Research: Ayala Shikler

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